The Last Evil is a dark fantasy web serial by ViolentInk, updating at midnight (UK time) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The subject matter is pretty dark, so younger readers and those on the lookout for trigger warnings should give it a miss.

The first chapter can be found here and the contents page can be found here.


Helena Rukh is the Last Evil,  the Black Queen, the Leader of the Dark Pact… and half a dozen other equally silly titles. Or at least Rukh thinks they’re silly, but then, she’s never thought of herself as the villain, despite all the things she did back in the War.

A war she lost. The treaty was signed. Her attempt to conquer all Reality aborted. Rukh’s retired now, to a hell-hole world called Sansara, a place where it rains ash and chaos-rents mar the sky, though the liquor is surprisingly good. But an old enemy is on her way to end that retirement, to drag Rukh back into everything she left behind.

Trouble is brewing and the self-styled good guys are at a loss.

Set a thief to catch a thief and all that…